International Journalists' Programmes

Researching for a couple of months in Eastern Asia, writing about US-topics, working together with journalists in Eastern Europe, in Southern Africa or in Latin America: The IJP (International Journalists' Programmes) offer young talented Journalists the chance to work abroad as correspondents for short periods of time. The IJP, a non-profit organization from journalists for journalists, awards several scholarships every year.

IJP aim to further the understanding of promising journalists for political, cultural and economical developments far beyond the boundaries of their home countries.

IJP sponsor highly skilled correspondents, producers and reporters from all media (print, tv, radio and online) between the ages of 18 to 40 years.

Through bursaries, multi-lateral conferences, fact-finding tours and press briefings, the IJP allow journalists to make new professional contacts and gather experiences as well as gain new insights. Through its network of programmes, the IJP reach journalists in over 40 countries.

Every year, IJP award around 120 bursaries to German journalists and their foreign counterparts. During their working visit of at least six weeks, the delegates work for the host organisation of their choice and act as correspondents for their home newsroom. Depending on the destination delegates receive between 2500 to 5000 Euro (US$ 2500-5000).
The oldest and most renowned IJP programme is the Arthur F.Burns Fellowship for ten journalists each from Germany and the USA. Similar bursary programmes exist between Germany and Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Africa, the five states in Northern Europe, various states in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle EastIsrael and Turkey.

The international network of journalists built up by IJP is unique. More than 1,800 journalists have already taken part in IJP's programmes. Many of them work as leading journalists all over the world. In addition to the many personal contacts made, former delegates regularly stay in touch through alumni meetings and a regular newsletter.

The IJP are supported by active members of the organisation who themselves are journalists and devise the various programmes. The IJP's activities are financed through contributions from public institutions as well as private sponsors. Prominent trustees in Germany and the USA also lend their support. The IJP are an independent and charitable organisation under German law.


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