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Unsere fortlaufende digitale Reihe "Asia Talks", dank der gegenwärtigen Unterstützung des Auswärtigen Amtes nun bei Staffel 4 angekommen, bietet die Chance, die Qualität und Quantität faktenbasierter Informationen über Grenzen und Disziplinen hinweg zu erhöhen. Die Reihe befasst sich regelmäßig u.a. mit Themen, wie der sicherheitspolitischen Lage in Ost-Asien, Genderfragen in Zusammenhang mit dem Klimawandel, dem Einfluss der Pandemie auf Kunst, Architektur und Arbeitsmodelle sowie  dem Wissenschaftsaustausch und dem journalistischen Diskurs zu einer faktenbasierten Berichterstattung. Wir diskutieren mit Journalist:innen, Fachleuten von Think-Tanks und Expert:innen aus Politik und gesellschaftsrelevanten Organisationen. Wir kommunizieren über Grenzen hinweg, ohne Grenzen überschreiten zu müssen.  
Alumni des Asien-Programms sind jederzeit willkommen, die Asia Talks mit ihren nationalen Themen zu aktuellen regionalen Entwicklungen zu bereichern und so den Austausch über Grenzen hinweg weiter zu fördern. 

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Mittwoch, 07.12.2022
12 Uhr MEZ

Recap G20 Bali Summit - A Glimpse of Hope?

Mid-November, the Group of Twenty (G20) held their 17th meeting in Bali, Indonesia. Another summit of bickering amongst the so-called Great Powers? What can be read between the lines? What are the takeaways? 

EU-ASEAN relations developed into a strategic partnership in December 2020 and trade and investments between the two regions are booming. Did the summit give a push to the EU member states to develope a strategic guideline for the future?

Join us in our discussion to analyse the G20 and other recent leaders' meetings in the Indo-Pacific from the EU diplomacy perspective as well as the Indonesian perspective. 


Shada Islam is an influential Brussels-based specialist on European Union affairs who works independently as a commentator and analyst. She started as EU correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review and is now an advisor and strategist on Asia, Africa, Geopolitics, Trade, Migration, Inclusion and Diversity. She has her own think tank, New Horizons, in Brussels. 

Sofie Syarief is a former anchor for Kompas TV, Indonesia. Currently working as an independent researcher and journalist, she pursues her PhD studies at Goldsmiths University, London. Her research focuses on digital media. She regularly contributes to a Singaporean think tank and has co-authored for a book of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in Germany.


Teilnahme am Talk über diesen Zoom Link möglich (Passcode 502 292)

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Asia Talk #2 (Season 4)

Taiwan – Beyond the "Current Affairs" Reporting


  • Antonia Märzhäuser, freie Journalistin, Berlin
  • Tobias Sauer, freier Reporter und Redakteur, Berlin

Asia Talk #1 (Season 4)

Taiwan-China Tensions – Its Implications for their Neighbouring Countries

– How can the growing tension be read also in the EU angle? –


  • Alfred Wu, Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore
  • Grzegorz Stec, Analyst, Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

Asia Talks - Special (April 2022)


New geopolitics and tomorrow's world order - the Asian perspective




Asia Talk #8 (Season 3)

China-Russia - Strategic alignment or alliance in the making?


  • Finbarr Bermingham, Europa Korrespondent, South China Morning Post
  • Matthias Kamp, China Korrespondent in Peking, NZZ
  • Marc Saxer, Leiter Referat Asien und Pazifik, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Asia Talk #7 (Season 3)

North Korea - A novel approach - Getting a glimpse behind the iron curtain


  • Dr. Bernhard J. Seliger, Leiter Hanns-Seidel Stiftung, Seoul

Asia Talk #6 (Season 3)

"RCEP: There is far more to it than economic alliances and what is in for Europe"


  • Shada Islam, Center for Global Development, Brüssel
  • Martin Fritz, Korrespondent Börsenzeitung und Wirtschaftswoche, Tokio

Asia Talk #5 (Season 3)

What China is up to in Africa and what do African countries expect?
Joined IJP Asia & Africa Talk


  • Dr. Christian Straube, Programme Manager China Stiftung Asienhaus, Köln
  • Alan Robles, South China Morning Post / Correspondent Manilla
  • Oshodi Adbul-Gafar, Lecturer Lagos State University / Lagos

Asia Talk #4 (Season 3)

Taiwan's appraoch to its recent history - White Terror, Transitional Law and Digitization


  • Ms Fan Yun, Legislator Taiwan Government

Asia Talk #3 (Season 3)

Key Trends in EU - German - China Relations
The Future of Hong Kong and Implications for Taiwan


  • Didi Kirsten Tatlow, DGAP
  • Grzegorz Stec, MERICS

Asia Talk #2 (Season 3)

Reality Check: Germany - Indonesia 
Recovery from the Pandemic - A Comparison


  • Joe Miller, correspondent, Financial Times Germany and author of the book "The Vaccine"
  • Sofie Syarief, news anchor, talk show host and executive producer for Kompas TV, Indonesia

Asia Talk #1 (Season 3)

Achieving climate goals through gender equality

- Dialogue & interactive workshop - 


  • Hannah Elisabeth Kurnoth, Climate Diplomacy Analyst, adelphi
  • Anika Nicolaas Ponder, Team Leader Sustainability & Innovation, IKEM 
  • Alexandra Steinkraus, Research Associate, IKEM

Asia Talk #7 (Season 2)

Urban opportunities: bridging the climate finance gap


  • Rachana Kanakagiri, Consultant for sustainable finance and stakeholder engagement, adelphi

Asia Talk #6 (Season 2)

The Nexus of Climate, Conflict and Social Change in South Asia: Narratives of the Sub-Continent


  • Omer Ali, Consultant for International Migration Policy and Capacity Building

Asia Talk #5 (Season 2)

Challenge or opportunity: sustainable peace in a changing climate


  • Hannah Elisabeth Kurnoth, Climate Diplomacy Analyst, adelphi

Asia Talk #4 (Season 2)

Ocean-based climate solutions for a sustainable future


  • Martha Selwyn, United Nations Global Compact

Asia Talk #3 (Season 2)

The Influence of Architecture and Rural Revitalization on Social Cohesion


  • Eduard Kögel, Architekt und Mitglied des Beirats des Journal of Chinese Architectural History an der Qinghua Universität in Peking

Asia Talk #2 (Season 2)

Stakeholder Engagement in Smart City Projects


  • Nikita Shetty, Consultant Energy & Smart Cities, BABLE

Asia Talk #1 (Season 2)

The role of Deforestation in Climate Change


  • Sanggeet Mithra Manirajah, Land Use Consultant, Climate Focus

Asia Talk #7 (Season 1)

"Are you going to finish that?" - Tackling food waste: Ideas and innovation from Japan


  • Kenji Sekine, Social Entrepreneur und Filmproduzent, United People
  • Natsuko Tagasako, Expertin im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit und Energiewende

Asia Talk #6 (Season 1)

Empowerment through energy access: Solar energy for better lives and new business in off-grid communities


Rajon Bhuiyan, Ph.D. Researcher, FINATRAX research group at the SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg

Asia Talk #5 (Season 1)

Oceans & Plastic: Trends, impact and response


  • Willy Kwong, Director A Plastic Ocean Foundation and Co-Chair of the RESOLVE Foundation Hong Kong 
  • Laura Agusto, A Plastic Ocean Foundation

Asia Talk #4 (Season 1)

Grassroot Movements driving Climate Action: Energy Transition in Taiwan


Shi Ting Chen, Green Citizens' Action Alliance (GCAA)

Asia Talk #3 (Season 1)

Women and the Future of Work


  • Anuradha Sharma, freelance journalist, Darjeeling / India
  • Chitradeepa Anantharam, journalist at The Hindu, Chennai / India

Asia Talk #2 (Season 1)

Sustainable Cities


Nikita Shetty, Consultant Smart Cities and Energy Technologies, BABLE

Asia Talk #1 (Season 1)

Farm to Fork - Ideas and steps towards a sustainable food sector


Dr. Bérénice Dupeux, Senior Policy Officer for Agriculture, The European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

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