International Journalists' Programmes

Researching for a couple of months in the United States, writing about British topics, working together with journalists in Eastern Europe, in Southern Africa or in Latin America: IJP (International Journalists' Programmes) offer young journalists the chance to work abroad as correspondents for a couple of months. Every year, IJP award around 120 bursaries to German journalists and their foreign counterparts.


Around 3,000 journalists in over 45 countries around the world are part of the IJP alumni network. 

Through regular events, the IJP offer a platform for the exchange of information on current topics and at the same time promote ties among alumni. Thus, the IJP form an important network in the international media landscape for many journalists from all over the world. 


IJP is an independent organization established in 1981 to support the international exchange of journalists. IJP are an independent and charitable organization under German law.

Prizes and Awards

Since many years IJP offer several awards for outstanding articles, features and essays.


All funding of IJP projects is exclusively covered by donations from enterprises and foundations as well as the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic. Several major corporations have been supporting the concept of IJP for many years.

Alumni help alumni

The IJP want to support journalists, reporters and media professionals who are directly affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. We ask you to donate to these colleagues of our network whose lives changed from one day to the next. Many of our alumni can no longer work as journalists. They had to flee Ukraine like Olga, who arrived in Germany together with her family a few weeks ago and now has settle in without knowing when she will be able to return to her home country.

Many of our alumni will need support on the long run.

We can help these alumni - if you help.

This may include: Financial support through short or long term sponsorship; in arranging places in editorial offices, arranging language courses, etc.

We see this as an action of our network for our network. Let's move together in these times, strengthen journalism and all those who make it possible.

If you know someone who needs support or if you are personally in need: get in touch with us via

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