The IJP Alumni Network

Through its bursary programmes for journalists IJP support participants in two ways: firstly, it opens the door for new career opportunities, and, thus, it promotes Germany abroad and contributes to a more differentiated reporting of foreign affairs within the German media. At the same time IJP foster the professional and personal contacts of the journalists amongst each other. This is the ambition of IJP's alumni network.

Around 2,500 journalists have taken part in IJP programmes since 1988. Around half of the participants are German journalists, followed by colleagues from the USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands. In total journalists from more than 40 countries have already taken part in the programmes, amongst them countries like Costa Rica, Cuba, PR of China or Zimbabwe.

IJP's world-wide journalists' network is unique in its form. Many alumni now work as foreign editors or have other leading positions in the international media industry. The exchange of ideas between these alumni and participants of more recent IJP programmes is an important aim of IJP alumni activities.

Through regular alumni events and newsletters , IJP keep all alumni up to date on each other's activities. Beyond that many personal contacts and friendships are formed within the Alumni network.

Meetings like annual alumni dinners as well as informal events like local meetings, press talks and boat trips are all part of IJP alumni activities. Highlights are the annual Arthur F. Burns Fellowship dinner as well as the dinner of the British-German programme. In recent years these dinners have attracted guest speakers like the EU-High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Dr. Javier Solana, former German President Dr. Richard von Weizs├Ącker, the former British Foreign Secretary Lord Hurd of Westwell or the Financial Times-Editor Andrew Gowers. (see also The George Weidenfeld Bursary)

Since 2005, IJP have also been organizing alumni conferences.