Communicating Science

Science and technology change our world and influence how we work, communicate and get informed. Especially in times of crises, such as the current global COVID19 pandemic, the challenges of climate change or in relation to sustainability and social justice, science communication has a special responsibility.

Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media

With the ComLab format, IJP and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) promote global cooperation between science and media. Twice a year, ten IJP alumni and ten young researchers from the AvH network meet for a four-day workshop (for the time being still digitally).

Top-class inputs as well as the international exchange of experiences between the two disciplines are among the most important features for the participants from the IJP alumni network.

"It was such a pleasure to participate in ComLab #2 for me in these Corona times. Although we couldn't be there live, it was nice to be able to listen to great speakers and participants in vivid sessions, so well prepared. What motivated me the most, was the freedom concerning the format. That inspired me to go beyond the frames and give myself the freedom to express. Even more exciting was that I got the chance to work with an amazing scientist, Mathieu Casado. We learned a lot from each other and in the process we had a lot fun. I must say, this was one of the best projects I had the honour to be a part of. I highly recommend it to all journalists who I also hope to meet in person one day and talk about their experiences after ComLab #3. Have fun learning and creating!"   
Katarina Gulan, journalist from Croatia

"For me, ComLab proved to be an insightful and timely opportunity that I wish most journalists across the world could get. Bridging the gap between scientific research and journalism is an urgent cause in the modern world bedeviled by problems, including climate change and pandemics, as well as related innovative solutions. It is my sincere hope that through such a programme, more journalists can be equipped with substantial knowledge of how to engage and interpret science. Also, get to learn about a vast array of mediums to use in amplifying the voice of science and its proponents."

Kennedy Nyavaya, journalist from Zimbabwe

Leading academics and media professionals work in small teams on a journalistic product. Three of the contributions produced during ComLab will be selected by a jury and awarded a prize of 500 Euros each.

ComLab #3 will take place in June 2021. With a strong global focus, the four-day workshop will shed light on the impact of sustainable development, especially in relation to different aspects of social justice. 

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