ComLab#5: The New Global - Cooperation for the Future

Without sharing ideas, goods and common human values around the world, our lives would be much poorer and even endangered. The global movement of people, raw materials and innovations changed our lives for the better and continues to do so. Yet, the pandemic, politicial upheaval, and resource dependency pose new challenges to the idea of a collaborative international community. 

Cross-border phenomena like (climate) migration and COVID-19 are causing us to rethink established notions of mobility, international trade and work, and the way we treat the environment. They are reminding us that resources are finite, and the global community is vulnerable, raising the question as to what the future of globalisation and exchange will look like. What lessons can be learned from past and current crises? How can goods and ideas be shared globally in a sustainable, fair and more secure way? What opportunities are inherent in digital infrastructure and services? How should we envision human mobility and migration? How can we respond to increasing political isolatioinism and nationalist ideologies? 

Science and the media can point the way to innovative approaches and best practices for our future global community. During four workshop days in May 2022, the participating journalists and scientists of our fifth Communication Lab explored the future of global exchange in all its political, social, economic and ecological dimensions. The results of this collaboration will be published later this year.