ComLab#4: Smart New Worlds - How AI, Robotics and Digitalisation Transform our Lives (November 2021)

Artificial intelligence, robotics and new digital technologies are changing our lives. To which extent, benefit or at which cost is often hard to grasp for regulators, civil society and media. While transformative technologies hold great potential in medicine, industry, logistics and urban planning, hardly any other scientific fields spark so much speculation.  From automated mobility to biorobots and intelligent implants: The relationship between humans and machines is full of promise, but is also marked by misunderstanding and ignorance.

Together, journalists and researchers can point out research trends and development trajectories of AI, robotics and digital innovations, assess designs and possible applications, and discuss their ethical implications.  And this is not any easy task since the expectations of future technologies are high. They should have an innovative and effective impact on society and equally benefit the common good.  The social complexity raises important questions:

  • Have diversity and participation been sufficiently considered in technological developments, especially in the areas of medicine, public health and connected living?
  • What will digital human rights look like in the future? What ethical and legal aspects need to be considered?
  • And how must the digital transformation be designed to counteract a monopolisation of knowledge and global inequality?

Programme ComLab#4