The British-German Journalists' Conference

Davenport House, Shropshire
Davenport House, Shropshire. Venue of the opening weekend of the annual IJP British-German Conference.

The British-German Journalists' Conference is the introductory meeting of IJP's British-German Bursary Programme (The George Weidenfeld Bursary).

During this unique one-week event IJP brings together the participating journalists with politicians, diplomats and representatives of business and the media as well as of the arts.

The conference offers a high calibre platform for discussing current affairs and contemporary society in Germany and in the United Kingdom. Another important area of debate is the European integration project. The main focus of the conference stems from the constant changes and the challenges of the media market as well as the ethical and practical differences in the way journalism works in both countries.

Speakers in Great Britain have included (since 2000): Lord Laird of Artigarvan, Abdel Bari Atwan, Katinka Barysch, Martin Bell, Adam Boulton, Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Tim Collins, Philip Cowley, Lord Dahrendorf, Richard Dawkins, Patrick Diamond, Bill Emmott, Jonathan Freedland, Andrew Gimson, David Goodhart, Michael Gove, Andrew Gowers, Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, Peter Hitchens, Geoff Hoon, William Horsley, Michael Howard, Gerald Howarth, Lord Hurd, Will Hutton, Simon Jenkins, Daniel Johnson, Trevor Kavanagh, Sunder Katwala, Charles Kennedy, Roger Liddle, John Lloyd, Denis MacShane, Peter Mandelson, Judith Mayhew, David Montgomery, Jim Murphy, John Peet, Melanie Phillips, John Redwood, Peter Riddell, Alan Rusbridger, Larry Siedentop, Lord Skidelsky, David Starkey, Lord Strathclyde, Gisela Stuart, Matthew Taylor, Viscount Thurso, David Trimble, Sir Stephen Wall, Lord Watson.

Speakers in Germany have included (since 2000): Peter Altmaier, Niels Annen, Matthias Berninger, Charles B. Blankart, Roger Boyes, Vito Cecere, Ernst Elitz, Andrea Fischer, Joschka Fischer, Nico Fried, Michel Friedman, Jeffrey Gedmin, Gregor Gysi, Christoph Heusgen, Hans-Ulrich Jörges, John F. Jungclaussen, Thomas Kielinger, Hans-Werner Kilz, Eckart von Klaeden, Hans-Ulrich Klose, Helmut Kohl, Renate Künast, Thomas Middelhoff, Bascha Mika, Manfred J. M. Neumann, Oskar Niedermayer, Omid Nouripour, Cem Özdemir, Petra Pau, Ruprecht Polenz, Otto Schily, Rezzo Schlauch, Olaf Scholz, Ludwig Siegele, Mark Speich, Wolfgang Thierse, Theo Waigel, Guido Westerwelle, Matthias Wissmann.

The British-German Journalists' Conference is mainly sponsored by the Fazit-Foundation of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and by private companies in Germany and in the UK.