Digital Dialogues

Through a series of webinars, IJP would like to provide a platform for information and discussion for their alumni. The following talk series are IJP's approach to current topics: 

  • Africa Talks

    The online web series 'Africa Talks' offers a platform for IJP-alumni, journalists and representatives from politics, the economy and civil society to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the African and European continent. Together with selected journalists and guests, fellows and alumni of the Southern Africa Programme will discuss economic, political and health-related issues, as well as topics such as the future of work, new concepts for mobility and transport and the influence of the media on societal changes. 

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  • Climate Talks

    Global climate change bears the challenge to increase the quality and quantity of coverage across borders and disciplines. We want to identify and spread facts and trends. The monthly transnational webinar series Climate Talks, funded by the European Climate Initiative EUKI, seeks to identify facts and trends and give journalists across borders the opportunity to exchange views and pose questions to leading experts. 

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  • DxNL Talks

    With the DxNL Talks we offer fellows and alumni of the Netherlands Programme a digital platform for mutual exchange on current issues. The aim is to understand and compare developments in both countries and to draw conclusions for their own media coverage. 

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