Africa Talks

The coverage on African topics in Europe as well as European perspectives on the African continent leave room for improvement. This also holds true for the reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. What consequences will the pandemic have on the African health system? Will this turn into a social and economic emergency or is this a chance to strengthen regional value chains significantly? Will digitalization be pushed forward and can economic resilience to future crises be strengthened? With the weekly online discussion series ‘Africa Talks’ the IJP offer a platform to discuss precisely these issues. Once a week, fellows and alumni of the Southern African Programme will have a chance to discuss relevant topics with selected journalists and guests. 

The web series puts a focus on economic, political and health-related issues, as well as topics such as the future of work, new concepts for mobility and transport and the influence of the media on societal changes. Through this, we would like to make a small contribution to increase the quality and quantity of exchanging fact-based information across borders and disciplines. 

Alumni of the Africa Programme have the opportunity to enrich the Africa Talks with new topics as well as contributions on current regional developments and thus further promote the exchange across borders. 


Africa Talk #10 - Special Edition

Africa and Europe - a new partnership for a post-Covid world?

Special edition with former German President Horst Köhler

Africa Talk #9

Are Covid-19 vaccinations deepening rifts between the Northern and Southern hemispheres?


  • Dr. Andreas Wulf, MD, Berlin Representative, Medico International e.V.
  • Prof. Leslie London, Head Division of Public Health Medicine, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, Cape Town

Africa Talk #8

Arts and Culture - How does COVID-19 affect sector and living culture?


  • Eddie Hatitye, Director, Music in Africa
  • Baraka Issabu, Director, Action Music Tanzania
  • Melissa Perales, Music Pool Berlin, Night School, Germany
  • Njathi Kabui, Chef, Anthropologist, Farmer, Kenya/USA

Africa Talk # 7

Agriculture and Food Sustainability - How COVID-19 affects our access to food?


  • Renate Künast, Member of the German Parliament (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Food Policy Spokesperson
  • Wambui Njeru, Here and Beyond (H&B), Kenya
  • Federico Döhnert, Regional RAM Officer, World Food Programme Regional Bureau for West & Central Africa
  • Stig Tanzmann, Agriculture Expert, Brot für die Welt, Germany 

Africa Talk #6

The role of journalism in the pandemic - How COVID-19 puts journalists under fire


  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Russ-Mohl, European Journalism Observatory (EJO), Germany
  • Meera Selva, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, UK
  • Sally Chiwama, Chairperson, Free Press Initiative (FPI), Zambia
  • Kai Feldhaus, Reporter, Bild Zeitung, Germany

Africa Talk #5

Is COVID-19 deepening Gender Inequality?


  • Memory Kachambwa, Executive Director, FEMNET, African Women's Development and Communication Network
  • Mildred Ngesa, PanAfrican Transformational Leadership Coach, Gender & Communications Expert, Kenya
  • Anke Paetsch, Member of Management Board, Director International Relations and Diversity, Association of German Foundations

Africa Talk #4

In the light of COVID-19 - how to create jobs and offer Africa's youth prospects for a good future


  • Foster  Mkandawire, Programme Manager for School Programmes, Plan International, Malawi
  • Thomas Rolf, Head of Global Programme Training and Job Creation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • George Cantreph, Teacher, New Haven Montessori School, Accra / Ghana

Africa Talk #3

The poor loose again - is COVID-19 pushing the African continent into poverty?


  • Prof. Michael Klundt, Faculty of Applied Human Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal
  • Ruwandzano Makumbe, Lawyer & Special Projects Consultant for the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimbRights)
  • Mase Ramaru, community organiser and Queer, Feminist Advocacy, South Africa

Africa Talk #2

The digital transformation imperative - how COVID-19 speeds up Africa's and Europe's digitalisation


  • Michael Pittelkow, SAP Africa, Executive Development Policy Partner
  • Dapo Oyeneye, Developer and IT Consultant, Dakins Consulting

Africa Talk #1

Business as unusual - how COVID-19 turns Africa's and Europe's economy


  • Christoph Hoffmann, Member of the German Parliament (FDP / Free Democratic Party)
  • Geoffrey Kamanzi, Manager Policy Trade in Services, East African Business Council (EABC)

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