Asia Talks

With the ongoing online series 'Asia Talks', we would like to make a small contribution to increase the quality and quantity of exchanging fact-based information across borders and disciplines. Once a month, the series focuses on a relevant topic, such as the future of work, gender issues, the influence of art on the education for sustainable development, a greener fashion industry, new concepts for mobility and transportation, the influence of the media on societal change and many other topics. 

Alumni of the Asia Programme are always welcome to enrich the Asia Talks with their national topics as well as contributions on current regional developments and thus further promote the exchange across borders. Please contact us if you would like to suggest a topic or would like to present an Asia Talk yourself. We will then provide the logistical support. 

Next up:
Friday, September 17, 2021
10.30 am CEST


Asia Talk #6 (2021)

The Nexus of Climate, Conflict and Social Change in South Asia: Narratives of the Subcontinent 


  • Omer Ali, Consultant for international Migration Policy and Capacity Building

Asia Talk #5 (2021)

Challenge or opportunity: sustainable peace in a changing climate


  • Hannah Elisabeth Kurnoth, Climate Diplomacy Analyst, adelphi

Asia Talk #4 (2021)

Ocean-based climate solutions for a sustainable future


  • Martha Selwyn, United Nations Global Compact

Asia Talk #3 (2021)

The Influence of Architecture and Rural Revitalization on Social Cohesion


  • Eduard Kögel, Architect and Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Chinese Architectural History at Quinghua University in Beijing.

Asia Talk #2 (2021)

Stakeholder Engagement in Smart City Projects


  • Nikita Shetty, Consultant Energy & Smart Cities, BABLE

Asia Talk #1 (2021)

The role of Deforestation in Climate Change


  • Sanggeet Mithra Manirajah, Land Use Consultant, Climate Focus

Asia Talk #7 (2020)

"Are you going to finish that?" - Tackling food waste: Ideas and innovation from Japan


  • Kenji Sekine, Social Entrepreneur und Filmproduzent, United People
  • Natsuko Tagasako, Expertin im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit und Energiewende

Asia Talk #6 (2020)

Empowerment through energy access: Solar energy for better lives and new business in off-grid communities


Rajon Bhuiyan, Ph.D. Researcher, FINATRAX research group at the SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg

Asia Talk #5 (2020)

Oceans & Plastic: Trends, impact and response


  • Willy Kwong, Director A Plastic Ocean Foundation and Co-Chair of the RESOLVE Foundation Hong Kong 
  • Laura Agusto, A Plastic Ocean Foundation

Asia Talk #4 (2020)

Grassroot Movements driving Climate Action: Energy Transition in Taiwan


Shi Ting Chen, Green Citizens' Action Alliance (GCAA)

Asia Talk #3 (2020)

Women and the Future of Work


  • Anuradha Sharma, freelance journalist, Darjeeling / India
  • Chitradeepa Anantharam, journalist at The Hindu, Chennai / India

Asia Talk #2 (2020)

Sustainable Cities


Nikita Shetty, Smart City Consultant, Bable Institute

Asia Talk #1 (2020)

Farm to Fork - Ideas and steps towards a sustainable food sector


Dr. Bérénice Dupeux, Senior Policy Officer for Agriculture, The European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

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