Graphic Recording Climate Talk #3 'From Farm to Fork' by Ellery Studio

Climate Talks

Global climate change bears the challenge to increase the quality and quantity of coverage across borders and disciplines. We want to identify and spread facts and trends. The monthly transnational webinar series Climate Talks, funded by the European Climate Initiative EUKI, seeks to identify facts and trends and give journalists across borders the opportunity to exchange views and pose questions to leading experts. 

Each months, the webinar series deals with a different climate and energy related topic. The aim is to discuss policies, upcoming challenges and opportunities and talk about the influence of the media on achieving global climate targets. 

Next webinar:

"Sustainable Cities"
Friday, September 4, 2020
10.30 am CEST


Climate Talk #3 'From Farm to Fork' with Dr. Bérénice Dupeux, EEB

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