Climate Talks

Due to the great success of the IJP-EUKI Climate Talks in 2020, we go for a new season of digital talks, building knowledge and creating awareness of the underlying causes of climate change as well as of the ecological and social impacts.

The twice monthly transnational digital discourse, funded by the European Climate Initiative EUKI, seeks to identify facts and trends, and give journalists across borders the opportunity to exchange fact-based news and tool kits, while meeting leading experts and entrepreneurs who think outside the box.

Taking into account the recent political developments, resourcing independent energy supply and searching for uncommon solutions to challenge the impacts of climate change is more important than ever.



Climate Talk #8 (Season 2)

Green Architecture - Building a Sustainable Future


  • David Cook, Founding Partner at haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, Stuttgart
  • Zsombor Barta, President of the Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC)
  • Iván Jiménez Acosta, Associate - Head of Technology and Innovation at haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050
  • PDF summary of the talk

Climate Talk #7 (Season 2)

Nourishing the Green Mind


  • David Wilgenbus, Executive Director at the Office for Climate Education (OCE) at the Sorbonne, Paris
  • Jiří Kulich, Director at SEVER - The Rýchory Centre of Environmental Education and Ethics
  • Shweta Bahri, Co-founder and Sustainability & Education Policy Expert at Earth Warriors, England chapter
  • PDF summary of the talk

Climate Talk #6 (Season 2)

New Ways in Fashion - road to circularity


  • Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Director of the Circular Fashion Masterclass, SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • Emily Macintosh, Policy Officer for Textiles at the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
  • PDF Summary of the talk

Climate Talk #5 (Season 2)

Climate sensitive agriculture - securing sustainable food and resource management


Climate Talk #4 (Season 2)

Re-Thinking Europe's Energy Security


  • Dr Jürgen Landgrebe, Department Head UBA / German Environment Agency
  • Ben McWilliams, Research Analyst for Climate and Energy Policy, Bruegel
  • PDF summary of the talk

Climate Talk #3 (Season 2)

Europe on rail - the road to energy efficiency and a low carbon future


  • Jacob Rohm, Coordinator of the Think Tank dn NGO network 'Europe on Rail', Berlin
  • Raul Cazan, President 2Celsius, Brussels
  • PDF summary of the talk

Climate Talk #2 (Season 2)

Digitalisation - friend or foe of climate protection and a sustainable future for our societies?


  • Déborah Goll, Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Brussels
  • Tim Grothey, Researcher, Borderstep Institut, Berlin
  • PDF summary of the talk

Climate Talk #1 (Season 2)

Start-ups as drivers of sustainable economic transformation


  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter, Head of Borderstep Institute
  • Dr. Matthias Hausmann, Director Chemistry & Environment
  • Massimo Privitera, Communications & Policy Coordinator, European Startup Network /ESN
  • PDF Summary of the talk

Climate Talk #8 (Season 1)

Road Map to an Eco-friendly European Cloud Market


Simon Hinterholzer, Engineer for Renewable Energies, Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability

Climate Talk #7 (Season 1)

Sustainability as a Success Factor for Start-ups


Dr. Yasmin Olteanu, Research Associate, Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability 

Climate Talk #6 (Season 1)

The Mobility Challenge - Decarbonising transportation for an efficient, fair energy transition


Marena Pützschler, Project Manager International Sustainable Mobility, Agora Verkehrswende

Climate Talk #5 (Season 1)

Sustainable Cities


Nikita Shetty, Consultant Smart Cities and Energy Technologies, BABLE


Climate Talk #4 (Season 1)

Community Engagement as a Key to Green Energy Transition


Malte Zieher, Board Member, Bündnis Bürgerenergie e.V.

Climate Talk #3 (Season 1)

Farm to Fork Strategy: Health and Climate - opportunities of a sustainable food system


Dr. Bérénice Dupeux, Senior Policy Officer for Agriculture, European Environmental Bureau

Climate Talk #2 (Season 1)

The European Green Deal - Does it offer a sustainable recovery plan for Europe?


Johannes Vollmer, Head of EU Office, Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM), Brüssel

Climate Talk #1 (Season 1)

Climate Change and Climate Policy


Arne Riedel, Senior Fellow, Coordinator Ecologic Legal & Arctic, Ecologic Institut

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