IJP Summer Lecture 2015Guest speaker: EU Vice-President Frans Timmermans

Summer Lecture 2015

Speaking about the duties of journalists at the first IJP Summer Lecture on July 14 in Berlin, "It is the prolonged presence in a country that makes it possible to present a differentiated and empathetic view of the political situation," said Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the EU Commission.  
Still under the impression of the strenuous negotiations for a rescue package for Greece, Timmermans argued in favour of positive European stories to an audience of 90 guests ”The EU is not only Greece or Dublin, it is the most successful peace project that has emerged in the history of mankind."

The European integration also involved the creation of a common destiny so that we would no longer fear each other!
In a "design-thinking" workshop that took place before Timmermans speech, selected journalists and Europe projects participants from the Stiftung Mercator discussed how positive stories of Europe could be told. 
For a better understanding of Europe, the former Foreign Minister of the Netherlands had a reading tip for the 90 guests attending the event: "Read Joseph Roth and Erich Remarque!"
The IJP Summer Lecture is a new format for alumni of all IJP programmes and will be held every summer. 
This year the IJP Summer Lecture was sponsored by the Mercator Foundation and took place at the Mercator Center Berlin.