The IJP Alumni Network

Through its scholarship programmes, IJP support journalists in two ways: Firstly, by setting the stage for new career opportunities and thus contributing to a more differentiated reporting of foreign affairs. At the same time, IJP promote professional and personal ties between journalists. 

With more than 2,700 journalists from all over the world, IJP build one of the largest international network of media professionals, including many leading figures of the media landscape. The exchange of ideas between these alumni and participants of recent programmes, is an important aim of the IJP alumni activities. 

Current Events & Projects

In order to promote the exchange between alumni and to initiate a conversation on current relevant topics, IJP offer a broad portfolio of alumni projects and events. These include webinars, conferences as well as travel and research grants focusing on various issues. 

Europe Project

Since 2017, IJP are part of the initiative Wir sind Europa ("We are Europe"). The collaborative project aims to initiate various public events and start a conversation with citizens about Europe - and their role in it. IJP alumni from all over Europe contribute to the success of this project with their journalistic expertise and coverage. Read more