Journalists of all media can apply to take part in the international bursary programmes and conferences of IJP.

The minimum age for the participation in all IJP programmes depends on the qualification of the applicants. They should bring along at least three years of professional experience and not be older than 40 years. Exceptions can be discussed with the co-ordinators of the individual programmes.

IJP expect applications, which clearly state the motivations of the applicants by describing their interest in the programme concerned and in the host country.

Additionally, IJP presuppose good to very good language skills for all foreign programmes.

Applicants for a bursary, who already operate on the destination/target country of the programme cannot be considered. Not the nationality of the applicants, but the place of their vocational activity determines whether they can take part in the specific programme they apply to.

The application for an IJP bursary must contain:
- A detailed curriculum vitae.
- An explanation of the journalistic interest in the
programme concerned.
- A description and listing of the journalistic plans abroad.
- A reference over regular activities and journalistic abilities, issued by the head of department or editor-in-chief. Freelance journalists should attach a reference of their most important medium. The reference may not be older than three months.
- A certificate stating that the applicant will be available and released from his/her home newsroom for the entire duration of the programme.
- A list of three favoured host media (or the favoured locations).
- At the most five written work samples. Radio and television journalists are asked to send a comprehensive list of contributions.
- If possible, a convincing proof of the language skills (e.g. Toefl test, language certificates or as section of the above mentioned reference).
- An e-mail address under which the applicant can be reached.

The application documents must be complete. Delegates commit themselves to write at least a three page report about their fellowship and submit this to the respective programme coordinator together with copies of the articles, or transmission logs published abroad.

All applications are to be sent either by post or e-mail directly to the respective programme coordinator or the respective programme office. Please refer to the the respective programme for details. (Please no registered letters or parcels). To simplify the application procedure some IJP programmes offer online application forms on their websites (e.g. Arthur F. Burns Fellowship, German-British Bursary).

The course of law is excluded with all IJP.