Frequently asked questions

Every IJP project has its own application requirements and course of events. Information can be found on the respective programs' websites. Please contact the corresponding program coordinator for any further questions. The contact addresses can be found on the respective websites.


What happens after the program concludes?
IJP maintains an active alumni network of currently over 2000 participants. This network is fostered by regular alumni meetings, dinners, panel discussions, conferences etc. and newsletters.

On-Site Support

Who looks after the fellows at their sites?
IJP expects a great degree of independence from each fellow. The success of the fellowship is primarily dependent on the initiative, wealth of ideas, and adaptability of the participant. Colleagues at the host media organization will certainly be helpful in this regard. However, participants should not expect to receive some sort of preferential treatment. The respective program coordinators are of course available to help with any questions or difficulties that may arise.


Who can apply?
IJP supports highly qualified editors, reporters, and freelance writers from every media branch (print, TV, radio, online) between the ages of 23 and 40 (depending on the program). The decisive factor for eligibility is not the nationality of the applicant, but rather the location of the applicant's journalistic activity.

For fellowships reserved for Germans: German citizens and so-called 'Bildungsinländer' are always eligible to apply, except if they are already permanently working in the corresponding exchange country; foreign citizens may apply when the focal point of their work is for a German media organization.

For applicants from Austria and Switzerland, program-specific regulations apply. They are available upon request from the respective program directors.

For fellowships reserved for foreign participants: Prospective participants who are citizens of the exchange country are always eligible to apply, except if they already permanently work in Germany. Other foreign citizens can apply if they already work for a media organization in the exchange country and do not permanently work in Germany.

I already work in one of IJP exchange countries. Can I apply to the program from here?
No. Applicants who already permanently work in the exchange country cannot be considered. The primary criterion for eligibility is not the nationality of the applicant but rather the country of their journalistic activity.

How and where can I apply?
Those interested should direct their applications to the coordinators of the individual programs. Addresses and exact application requirements can be found on the corresponding website for each program.

I am a former IJP program participant. Can I apply again to an IJP program?

Yes, provided that it has been at least three years since you participated.


How much funding does each fellowship provide?
Depending on the program, the fellowships amount to between 2,500 Euros and 5,000 Euros. This should, to a great extent, cover the costs of the stay abroad. Fellows are also required to contribute to meeting their own costs - if necessary.

Does IJP take on the entire cost of my stay?
No. The Fellowship consists of a onetime payment; the amount depends on the respective program. This sum is a subsidy to help cover travel costs along with room and board during the stay abroad.

Will I be paid for my work at the host media organization?
No, as a rule you will not receive monetary compensation for your work. Naturally, it is possible to sell your articles to your home media organization or other media outlets.

When do I receive the Fellowship money?

The money will be transferred to your account approximately one week before or during the first week of your working visit.

Language Skills

Must I have a good command of the host country's language?
As a general rule, yes. There are only a few exceptions (Asia, Northern Europe, the Netherlands, Israel). Excellent knowledge of English is a must.


Can I shift the time period of the Fellowship?
That depends on the individual program. Attendance at the introductory and concluding conferences on the prescribed dates is obligatory, but the working visit dates are sometimes flexible.


Where will I live?
During the search for lodging, the embassy, host media organization, other Fellows, and former Fellows may be of assistance. On request, IJP is happy to furnish the appropriate addresses and telephone numbers. It would be of great help to us if the Fellows took the initiative to help each other with lodging arrangements and searching.


Will I be insured through IJP?
No. For the duration of the program, you must make your own insurance arrangements. Under no circumstances will IJP take on the costs of an insurance incident.


How can I prepare?
Fellows work for two months as visiting journalists for their respective host editorial staff. Additionally, IJP expects that fellows will report about their host country for their home media organizations (or other German media outlets) as correspondent. It is therefore necessary to think about topics before your trip begins, and look for potential media outlets for your pieces or ask your editors what sort of pieces they would be interested in.

IJP expects a great degree of independence from each fellow. Colleagues at the host media organization will certainly be helpful in this regard. However, participants should not expect to receive some sort of preferential treatment.