IJP Journalists' Bursaries

The core purpose of IJP's bursaries is the international exchange of media talents and opinion makers. For every German journalist taking part in a programme abroad a foreign colleague will work in a German media organisation. Hereby, delegates gain valuable professional and personal experience and impressions. At the same time, they contribute to an overall better representation of Germany abroad and more differentiated reporting within the German media landscape.

IJP bursaries are a valuable additional qualification. It is remarkable how many German foreign correspondents are alumni of IJP. Yearly around 120 journalists from 10 regions of the world are awarded an IJP fellowship.

IJP demand from their participants to work in a foreign media organisation and to investigate own stories on the ground.

Essential parts of each programme are the orientation meeting, a mid term get-together and often also a final meeting. The orientation sessions aim to brief the participants on their host country, valuable information is gathered during background briefings with personalities of the political, economic and cultural field of the respective countries.

Depending on the parameters of the individual programme, IJP award bursaries between 2,500 Euro and 5,000 Euro (US$ 2,500- 5,000). They are designed to cover the main part of the expenses while being abroad. A share of personal funds through the delegates is expected.

Beyond the bursary programmes IJP have an active alumni network of more than 2000 members. Regular alumni meetings, dinners, research trips, conferences and newsletters foster the contact amongst alumni.

For more information and application details please direct your request to the co-ordinators of the respective programmes.