How are IJP organized?

The International Journalists' Programmes (IJP) are a non-profit and economically as well as politically independent organisation for the promotion of young journalists. It was established in 1981. IJP are an association, registered in Germany at the local court in Koenigstein near Frankfurt/Main under reg. no. 8 VR 646.

IJP are organised decentrally and have no administration. All programmes are organised  by the members and board members of IJP, who themselves work as journalists or for media enterprises. The responsibility for the individual programmes lies by the respective coordinators, who belong to the executive committee of IJP. Board members are appointed on a volonteer basis. The executive board is selected by the meeting of the members (30).

The Advisory Board of IJP consists of former executive board speakers of the association. Advisers can likewise manage one of IJP programmes.

The Board of Trustees supports the work of the association, advises and guides the work of the executive board and controls the annual auditors' report. The Board of Trustees consists of members of the parliamentary groups represented in the Bundestag, representatives of the most important sponsors and partners of IJP and personalities of political public life and media in Germany.

In addition, a board of trustees in the USA supports the work of the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Programme.

The individual programmes of IJP are financed by public means and private donations. Conferences and fact finding trips may also partly be financed through participation fees.

IJP receive special support of the Foreign Office in Berlin as well as a small circle of private main sponsors, who have been continuously supporting the programmes of the association for many years.

Beyond that, IJP cooperate closely with other non-profit institutions as for example the International Center for Journalists in Washington, the German British Forum in London and the Goethe-Institutes in Latin America and in Germany.